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Making Ways: Alternative Architectural Practice in Aotearoa

Motivated by the urgency of the challenges we all now face – environmental, social and economic – young architects are inventing new, alternative forms of practice. Taking the format of a staged, live, rolling workshop of events, Making Ways: Alternative architectural practice in Aotearoa included four practices that have emerged in Aotearoa New Zealand in response to this context. If normative architectural practice is the production of a building for a client, set within market conditions, then ‘alternative’ implies a departure from this in the way that architecture might be realised, and in the way architectural knowledge might be employed. Shaping their ways of making architecture by charting a new course through these concerns, each practice developed a week-long project that bought to life aspects of their practice. Sequentially inhabiting the gallery, Objectspace was recast as a hybrid studio, laboratory and wānanga as Making Ways: included lectures, slide shows, interviews, workshops and other evolving live events.

Making Ways was part of the 2019 Festival of Architecture.


Objectspace Gallery Auckland




Curator: Kathy Waghorn

Exhibitors: Unit Y, Makers of Architecture, ĀKAU, Hatch Workshop

Spatial design: Frances Cooper and Anto Yeldezian

Photography: David St George, Kathy Waghorn, Sam Hartnett

Sponsorship/funding: The Warren Trust, The Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries at the University of Auckland, the Seelye Visiting Fellowship

Project review:

Book: Michael Davis and Kathy Waghorn (eds), Making Ways: Alternative Architectural Practice in Aotearoa (Objectspace, Auckland, 2020). With Essay by Prof. Kester Rattenbury, University of Westminster; designed by Amy Yalland

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Book Review:

Interviews and lectures:

Unit Y and Maunga Pacific Architectural Collective interviewed by Kathy Waghorn;

AKAU and Fleur Palmer interviewed by Lynda Simmons;

Makers of Architecture and Andrew Barrie interviewed by Patrick Loo;

Hatch Workshop and Kathy Waghorn interviewed by Kester Rattenbury;

Making Ways Public Lecture: Prof Kester Rattenbury