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Penumbral Reflections

Penumbral Reflections draws on ideas of penumbral shadow, the partial shadow that occurs between umbra—the darkest part of the shadow—and full illumination. The installation contains an aluminium and steel construct that merges two architectural devices—the grid and a Claude glass—through projected light and simulated shadow.

The installation is conceived as a disciplinary experiment that seeks to blur the boundary between the simulated and physical in contemporary architectural practice.

The volumetric grid of Penumbral Reflections has undergone a transformative process. Embedded inside the space of the grid is an enlarged Claude glass that not only reflects space, but also meaningfully occupies and distorts it.

Animating the gallery are four projections of simulations of the installation.

The space between the real and the simulated has narrowed in contemporary architectural practice, but it is within this penumbral space that contemporary forms of architectural representation can take shape.


Objectspace Auckland




Ehibitors: PAC Studio: Sarosh Mulla and Aaron Paterson

Curator: Kim Paton

Credits: Liz Tjahjana, Rory Kofoed, Kim Huynh, Ziyi Zheng, Ashleigh Darroch, Surita Manoa, Nicole Teh, Alina Domanova, Phillip Mitchell, Maito Akiyama, Jess Anderson, Tony Cranch.