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Drawing the Room | Drawing within the Room

This installation couples projective drawings with post factum documentation – or creative post-occupancy data – of built houses by PAC Studio. Using motion capture technology, the movements of inhabitation are captured and translated to linework animations. The resulting drawings of inhabitation are projected full scale, exhibited in the space of the architectural office, the site of conceiving and production of both drawings and architecture.

In this project, drawings return to the office, merging designed intentions with realised outcomes. Rather than recording the act of an architect drawing, it is instead the process of architects’ imaginative inhabitation – which involves both memory and intention, as embodied drawing practices – that is made explicit.

This project explores contemporary performative drawing practices within architecture and considers the ways in which bodies and drawings interact. The fundamental importance of the line within architecture is highlighted, not as demarcation, divider or indexical reference, but as a trace of bodily movement.


PAC Studio, Auckland;

New Zealand Institute of Architects Festival of Architecture




Exhibitors: Aaron Paterson, Sarosh Mulla and Marian Macken;

Research Assistants: Ziyi Jacky Zheng, Stephen Njoto, Maito Akiyama, Sam Moloney